World of Warcraft Combat Log Parsers – Comparison

Welcome to the second part of my comparison of combat logging systems, and parsers in WoW.  As you read previously, or may have not, I’ve been doing logs for my guilds for as long as I could remember.  I always keep my eye out for the “BBP” bigger, better parser, tools that will let me do my job the easiest way with the best results.  Sometimes you have easy but the results are completely shitty.  I’ve searched the web, individual sites and countless threads about parsers.

Here are the most commonly known and used online combat log parsers and what I’ve learned from them

Online Versions

WoW Web Stats:

Personal Rating: 3 (Out of 5)
Price:   $9 month, $27 – 3 months, $45 – 6 months, $81 – 12 months
Support:  None
Armory Links: Yes
Review:  WWS, the first and inspiring Combat Log Parser.  Back in the day you could either self host your logs or host them on their website.  The website was far nicer than the self hosted ones, but you had to pay for a premium account where your logs wouldn’t get deleted.  People did pay.  A lot of them.  WWS was used by so many people, and still is today.  The thing about WWS is that their support is horrible to say the least.  The little support they did have via a forum was removed not too long ago.  the author was (prior to that) missing for months at a time when things needed to be fixed and no one was able to get anything done… and we were paying for it!

That’s pretty much one of the main reasons why I kicked WWS to the curb.

Some more Info in WWS:
- You can host anonymous reports
- Reports (rankings) are not storable or searchable
- No graphs
- Virtually no support.
- Paid service if you wish to retain your logs for the time allowed (two weeks I believe) your logs on the server before they’re deleted.
+ Can merge multiple logs
+ Logs upload quickly
+ Armory links (if you’re an armorytard)
+ Has a “Death Log” for players
+ Easily to read DPS/TPS/Heal info

WoW Meters Online:

Personal Rating: 3.5 (Out of 5)
Price:  Free
Support:  Yes
Armory Links: Yes
Review:  Tested this along side of WWS for quite some time.  There are some nice features in WMO.  Makes reviewing logs and analyzing them a little easier for people who aren’t that savvy.  Shows people who are below the average DPS, people who sit idle too much, and people who died too early into the fight.

+ Shows group composition (players)
+ Has graphs for damage done and a real time dps graph
+ Has Armory links
+ Can compare individuals via charts
+ Has Ranking System
+ Shows pet details (dmg/dps, % of your dmg)

Deja Wow:

Personal Rating: 2 (Out of 5)
Price:  Don’t know
Support:  Don’t know
Armory Links: Don’t know
Review: What can I say about this one…? I wasn’t impressed.  I mean visually, the thing was appealing to look at, but the function of it kinda really blows nuts.  You have to sign up, and then get verified as someone in that guild thru a very strange process. The uploading of reports isn’t instant and you have to wait a while for it to show up. Overall, I’m just not really impressed.  The process of signing up and uploading logs made me want to pull my hair out.  I really didn’t care to dig deeper with this one.  If anyone has any GOOD experiences with it, let me know!

The thing is this one has the potential to be good.  I’m not writing it off 100% completely as of yet.  They’re relatively new (launched January 09) so they’re still figuring it out.  Keep an eye on this one.

World of Logs:

Personal Rating: 4.5 (Out of 5)
Price:  Free, will remain free as long as ads pay the bills.
Support:  Yes
Armory Links:  Didn’t find any.
Review:  Color me IMPRESSED.  First off, as of the moment, it’s free, I’m sure that’ll change.  This website lets a guild register, and have multiple people upload logs from the same guild to the same guild page.  It puts your raids in a calendar so you can see it in that format if you prefer.

When clicking on the logs themselves, there’s graphs, toggles to set things on or off, with no reload time.  You can see individual bosses, full reports or of course the attempts.  Each is broken down statistically in a chart.

I think the thing that impresses me the most is that… get this… you can combat log AS you raid.  That’s right folks, set this puppy up, start your raid and everything is uploading as you go.  After each attempt the log will be there.  I have a pretty beefyish compy, and I saw absolutely 0 system slowdown, or game lag from doing this.

- Current bug with pets, however they are aware and are in the process of trying to fix it.
- Graphs will not work in IE8 or some versions of Opera (who uses those anyway, join the cult get Firefox)
+ Has a very good support forum.  I asked a few questions and I was responded to pretty quickly.
+ It’s free.  It will remain free until the costs of running the site exceed the income they’re making from the Ads on the site.
+ Logs will be retained for approximately 3 months for a good player history (which they’re also working on)
+ Navigation of the site is simple.
+ Can view your guild or other guild’s raids via a calendar format.
+ Can upload portions of logs, or entire logs (no more manually splitting if you forgot to reset your log for the day).
+ Their graphs are very sweet and interactive.  The results are shown immediately
+ On mouse over it shows player spell stats
- Deaths can be hard to find
- No Armory Links
- Doesn’t show DPS/TPS/Healing via text format
+ Has graphs per spell

It shows:
-Deaths (and logs)
-Boss Deaths
-Creature Deaths
-Major Events (i.e. Heroism)
and Total Raid damage

For Players it shows:


Personal Rating: 4.5 (Out of 5)
Price:  Program and code is free, you have to self host these files, however, so that may cost.
Support:  Yes
Armory Links: Yes, can be added to your reports by a command
Review:  Not for the faint at heart.  If you’re not technically knowledgeable or have any type of computer skills this option isn’t for you.  Plain and simple.  If, when you read the instructions on the start pages, you’re completely lost, then I wouldn’t even try it.  It’s written in Perl and php.  The only other drawback to using this is if you do not have self hosting of some sort, you will have reports that you can’t post to the web :(

However if you think you can tackle the task of getting it up and running its well worth it.  Gianmerlino, the writer of the program is on the ball when it comes to fixing small errors or if there’s a problem or a feature implemented.

The data you get from it is well worth it to, more comprehensive IMO.


So in conclusion, what would I use?  I’m actually using stasiscl atm, and thinking about incorporating World of Logs for live reports since it’d be so much better than recount.

edit: 07/21/09:  I pretty much used World of Logs (WoL) in conjunction with Stasiscl.   I highly recommend them both.

If you want point and click and away we go, use WOL.  If you’re an advanced user and want unlimited retention and customability, use Stasis.

My Rating Information:
1 = Very Bad,  2 = Below Average,  3 = Average,  4 = Above Average,  5 = Extraordinary

Comparison chart

Combat Log Parsers

Combat Log Parsers

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